Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Silent Reflux Baby


Ginger is having a hard time. She has silent reflux, just like Paprika did. I will be talking to the doctor about it when we go for our one month check-up on Monday. Paprika had a horrible case of silent reflux, and it caused her pain for months and months as a little baby. She was actually on medication for it for awhile to stop her esophagus from being damaged.

Ginger is exhibiting the exact symptoms Paprika had as an infant. She is suffering so much. I am doing all the home remedies I can to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. It's just really frustrating.

She has her super fussy period from 11pm to 4am, and I am awake with her that whole time. In a way, I am glad that it's in the middle of the night because if her worst times were during the day, I would be taking care of Paprika and dealing with Ginger crying I am glad that Ginger mostly sleeps during the day.

As it is, I get that one-on-one time with Ginger in the middle of the night and then can focus one-on-one with Paprika while Ginger naps during the day.

Basically, Ginger associates eating with pain, so she goes long periods during the day without eating...and then at night gets so hungry that she wants to eat a lot...which means that she experiences the symptoms of silent reflux a lot at night because that's when she does most of her feeding. She doesn't want to eat because she knows it's going to hurt...but then of course, she wants to eat because she is really hungry!

She is still gaining weight fine, and is thriving, so it's not a huge concern right now. It's just super uncomfortable for her, and I feel so bad that she is in pain. It hurts my heart.

We will get it figured out and fixed one way or another. Most babies outgrow it by four or five months (that's about when Paprika outgrew it)- so we just have to hang on and figure out ways to comfort Ginger until she outgrows this.

These pics were taken today at our friends' pool- Ginger slept the whole time...and Paprika had a great time splashing and playing with mommy, as usual!


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