Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hanging Out On A Friday Afternoon


Yesterday, my friend Lauren came to meet Ginger. She brought lunch and we shot the breeze for a few hours while Paprika ran around the house trying to potty train herself and Ginger slept in my arms. A good day.


Yes, I said Paprika is potty training herself. She won't allow Mr. Mustard or I to even talk about potty training. But she's slowly working her way towards it, and now refuses to wear diapers...but also refuses to go in the potty. This leads to some unfortunate situations...but what can you do?


For the past six months, Paprika has also refused to take naps. But sometimes, very rarely, she will go upstairs and put herself down for a nap. And that's what happened yesterday. She needs naps, and without them, she is one hard lady to handle. So, yesterday, when she laid herself down for her nap, I breathed a big sigh of relief and enjoyed two hours in the afternoon of quiet and rest with Ginger. Ahhhhhhhh.

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