Saturday, August 1, 2009

Six Weeks!


Ginger turned six weeks old on Thursday! It's amazing how much she has changed in the short time since she's been born. She is very active and alert now. She is learning how to hold her head up. She's been able to hold her head up for short stretches since she was born, but now she does it for longer periods of time.


She is smiling and giggling now. I caught her laughing the other night in her sleep. It was so cute!


She has almost outgrown her 0-3 month outfits! I am curious to see how much she weighs at her 2 month visit. I think she's gaining and growing pretty well. She's certainly not complaining, and I am noticing her clothes getting ever smaller on her.


Ginger is very curious about the world around her. She loves music, especially classical music, and she loves it when we hold her and dance. She loves being held, and she loves falling asleep in our arms. Having her has been six weeks of her so much!


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