Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson and Living in LA


I guess I should update- we did not end up going to the Michael Jackson Memorial Service. Our tickets did get used, though, by someone who really wanted to go. Mr. Mustard was able to give away both tickets. It was just too much for us to go with Ginger being a newborn and Mr. Mustard being only on his second day at his new job. We did watch the memorial service on TV here at our house (well, part of it), and that was pretty good. We have a ginormous TV that rarely gets used, so it was a good excuse to use it.

On Tuesday evening, while Mr. Mustard was out at the park with Paprika, I turned on the TV and flipped between the news and the tabloid news programs like Access Hollywood, and ET. To me, Access Hollywood and ET seem like local news. They were talking about closing down the 134 freeway and the 5 freeway and Forest Lawn Cemetary...and of course, those are all local things to me. I kept thinking, "well, I'm glad we didn't decide to go to the zoo today..." (the zoo is right next to Forest Lawn)...

We've been hearing helicopters overhead for the past week, and it occured to me that it's probably from the Michael Jackson media coverage. Of course, in LA, there is always something going on, so hearing helicopters overhead is no big deal. The years we lived in Hollywood, we practically lived under helicopters 24/7. Now that we're a little further out, we still hear helicopters, just not quite as often. ;-)


Living in LA is a little surreal sometimes. The world we see on TV is often the world around us. Maybe that's why we so rarely watch television...because we're saturated by living in this city, and because Mr. Mustard works in the industry and so to him, it's work...who wants to watch TV at home when all you do all day is work on TV shows?

In other news, Ginger turns three weeks old today! I can't believe she's already three weeks...time is going by so quickly now that she's here. Can't believe that three short weeks ago, we held her in our arms for the first time. Seems like no time at all, and in other ways, like she has always been home with us. Love her so much.

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