Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Been So Hot!


It's been soooo hot here. About 100 degrees, maybe more! I still haven't figured out why more of the public parks here don't have any shade or sprinklers, or anything to cool off. If you visit a park here this summer, it's like a ghost town. We went to one the other day, and Paprika said, "Where did all the kids go?"

I think they went inside to sit in the air conditioning and watch TV and avoid being fried up like a strip of bacon!


Luckily, we are not stuck inside this summer. After preschool, I took Paprika and Ginger to our friends' pool. How lucky are we? If we ever get around to buying a house, I am seriously going to think about a pool...in these hot, hot days of summer, it's like Shangri-la in this backyard. We are very fortunate!


The only problem is getting Paprika to leave the pool. I have to bribe her with something every day to get her out of the pool. I am running out of ideas! I think she would like to move in to this backyard- just set up her tent and live here all summer long!


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