Monday, July 27, 2009



Ginger at 5 weeks old. She's sleeping a lot still. When we brought her home from the hospital, she slept non-stop. I had to wake her up to feed her. Sometimes she would refuse to wake up, so I'd have to put a cold washcloth on her, or rub her with an ice cube! Now she's still sleeping a lot, but she has longer periods of wakefulness. She smiles at us, and looks up at us with her huge brown eyes.

She likes to stay awake at night and sleep all day long. Even so, she still sleeps quite a bit. Paprika slept in one hour increments when she was this age, and Ginger sleeps for stretches of four or five hours. It is nice.

She has that startle reflex that I remember so well with Paprika. It's pretty cute- she will be laying there and all of a sudden, her arms flail wide.

She tolerates car rides very well, and usually falls asleep a few moments after we drive out of the drive-way. She cries only when she's hurting from reflux, and is otherwise a really mellow baby. She loves being held, and usually falls asleep in my arms within a minute of me holding her. She's warm naturally, and I call her my little heater. That would come in handy in the winter, but in July, it just makes us both hot!

She is happy to nurse and has been easy in that regard. I was so nervous when I left on Saturday that she wouldn't drink from a bottle- but Mr. Mustard thawed some pumped milk, and she sucked it down and fell asleep.


She's happy to go anywhere, and isn't one to fuss. Usually when we go out, she falls asleep in her carseat, which we can take inside with us, and she doesn't wake up til we get home.

When she's fussy, all she wants is to be carried in the Baby Bjorn. It does not matter that I own every single baby carrier on the name it, I've got it. Our drawers are overflowing with baby carriers, and yet...the only thing she wants is the Baby Bjorn. The problem is that the Baby Bjorn hurts my back so much because it's not very ergonomic for the parent. But, like Paprika, it's the only thing she wants to be carried in. So, we do it and it's been a wonderful way to get her to fall asleep when literally nothing else will work.

I want to document all the things Ginger is doing- because I know I did that with Paprika. With Paprika, everything was harder. I didn't realize it at the time, but Paprika was a very challenging baby. With Ginger, she makes it easy on us for the most part. Love them both!


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