Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Was A Good Day


Picked Paprika up from Pre-School. She was outfitted in Pirate Garb because it was Pirate Day. Arrrrrr!


Took her to McDonald's for lunch. We sat inside and talked about deep stuff. She was especially pleased because she got a unicorn in her Happy Meal. (I may have asked the guy behind the counter for the unicorn toy...shhhhh...don't tell!) She thought it was magical that he gave her the exact toy she wanted.


Went to the pool. Ginger laid on a blanket beneath the big shade tree. She looked up at the leaves, and felt the wind on her face and she was happy for a long, long time. She was taking it all in, thinking deep thoughts...someday she'll tell me all about it, I'm sure.


Paprika swam, and had fun splashing (especially splashing me). She got all her energy out, and then just when I thought she couldn't possibly have any more energy...she found some more!


Played with the dogs. Petted them, kissed them, loved them, and then loved on them some more.


Snuggled with Ginger on the blanket in the big sunshine.


Ginger fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn. We called it a day, came home, and what do you know...Paprika sat on the potty and peed...twice!!! It was a good day.


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