Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Stuff


We are in the middle of just the hottest part of summer. Thank goodness for air conditioning, that's all I'm saying! We spent the day indoors mostly. We did get out for lunch as a family (one of our new Sunday habits) and we drove around to a few Open Houses, since we are always (perpetually?) in the market for a new house. We didn't see anything too great today. Mr. Mustard is reminding me that patience is a virtue (apparently one I don't have)!

Paprika has taken to wearing my shirts as "dresses" and refuses to take off my clothes, even in public. She wore my shirt to bed last night and then out to lunch and out looking at houses today. I snapped this pic of her in my shirt- she looks pretty cute, I think!


Please keep Devon in your prayers. I'll be visiting her later this week and will pass on all well-wishes to her in person. She could sure use some cheering up, so stop by her blog if you get a chance and let her know you're thinking of her!

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