Sunday, May 31, 2009

Santa Barbara Saturday


Grandma Pat, Paprika, and I spent the day visiting various parks in Santa Barbara. We went to three parks, and all were kind of a bust! They were really crowded with older kids, so we decided to come home and enjoy the backyard here. Lazy days are good!


Paprika has been rapidly tearing Grandma Pat's house apart, but Pat doesn't seem to mind! Paprika has taken all the placemats and made them into "blankies" for her dolls. Her toys are strewn everywhere. She has raided all the cabinets and emptied them. Paprika is having great fun with it all- staying in a new place is a great adventure, and so of course, she wants to explore every nook and cranny.


So, we're settling in, making ourselves at home, and hoping that we remain good enough house guests that Grandma Pat doesn't throw us out on our ears anytime soon! ;-)


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