Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day What?


No one in our house knew it was Memorial Day weekend until about an hour ago! I am soooooooo glad we decided not to go to Vegas this weekend. Can you imagine?!

I guess the fact that Mr. Mustard has worked on every major holiday for the past five years would be the main reason we had no idea.

Everyone on Facebook and elsewhere has been yammering on about their Memorial Day weekend plans, and I kept thinking, "Isn't that a little premature? Memorial Day is another week away!"

Well, turns out I was wrong...and Mr. Mustard, too. So now I'm really glad we've decided to stay home this weekend and not venture off to Vegas or Santa Barbara. It's going to be a zoo!

Mr. Mustard is downstairs washing the car with Paprika right now. Paprika is having a GREAT time! Mr. Mustard might be a little bit frustrated...maybe...because Paprika keeps trying to wash the car herself and is un-doing his work as he goes! Uh-oh!

Here are a few snapshots I just took of them:



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