Friday, May 29, 2009

Social Butterflies!

Wednesday night I got to meet up with Devon for a girls' coffee night. It was so great catching up! I brought my camera, but didn't take any pictures! Booo! Mr. Mustard stayed home and watched Paprika (a rare treat!) and I got to just hang with Dev and chat the night away. We stayed so late we shut down Starbucks! Good times!


Thursday we had a family night over at Bret and Michelle's house. We all had a great time hanging out! Mr. Mustard and Bret have known each other since college, and they had lots of catching up to do. Michelle and I always have lots to talk about when we get together. And, Paprika loved playing with their three year old son, Brandon, of course!



Brandon and Paprika had lots of fun playing with toys, and with sand out in the backyard. At the end of the night, Brandon and Paprika gave each other big hugs goodbye. Thanks for having us over, Bret and Michelle! :-)


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