Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TGI Tuesday!


Mr. Mustard is off work tomorrow and (hopefully) Thursday...I am so ready for him to be home so I can have a little break! Paprika is completely done with the crib now. I know I said before that Paprika's crib at home was too big for her to scale, but I was fooling myself. She can pole vault out of it in 15 seconds. This means she is now sleeping roughly 7 hours per night. She goes to bed at 1am and wakes up at 8am. And naps are a thing of the past. I am not joking.

This morning she walked in my room, turned on all the lights and said, "Mommy, time to wake up! What do you want for breakfast?" Then she made me some pretend banana bread before opening the blinds in my room.

Seven hours of sleep is not enough sleep for a two year old. They're supposed to sleep 14 hours/day...2 hour naps and 12 hours at night! Can someone please tell Paprika this? She definitely didn't get the memo.

So, after I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, I took Paprika to the Children's Museum today. We had lots of fun and I got to try out the new lens I got for Mother's Day!


Paprika had loads of fun in the biking area. I think she rode every type of bike they have! She even braved the stand-up scooter thing in the "big kid" area. The standard tricyle is getting a little small for her...but she still likes it anyway!



She also made sure to get soaked in every water element in the place. When we were about to leave, she shed her wet dress and walked out of the museum in just her diaper cover. She is always about 20 feet ahead of me, and doesn't ever look behind her to see if I'm following. She kind of wears me out, but I wouldn't have it any other way...


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