Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wild Adventures!


We had such a packed day! This morning, we hit the Going Out of Business Sale at Right Start, where we bought the baby's crib bedding. You know how I cannot pass up a good deal...and it was $51 marked down from $200!

Then we brought home pastries from the pastry shop...Mr. Mustard did car maintenance, and then we headed to an Open House across town to have a look, see.

We were warned that the house was a "fixer"- and oh my, was it ever! Thankfully, Paprika fell asleep on the car ride over, and Mr. Mustard and I took turns going inside to look at it while Paprika was sleeping soundly in the backseat.


It was the scariest house Mr. Mustard and I have ever been inside. With every step, it felt like the house was going to slide down the side of the mountain it was perched on. There was black mold in most of the walls. The ceiling had rotted out. The carpet was molding. The house had no appliances or fixtures. There was a giant bee's nest in the downstairs bedroom. Everything in the house was rotting. The lot was tiny, and was basically a little square on the side of a very steep patch of dirt. And they were asking $400K for it! Garrrrrrr!

After that, we drove around to some neighborhoods we're interested in and did drive-bys at houses for sale. We went into the backyards of a few of them after we had determined that they were empty. Trespassing is always fun!

Then we headed to this awesome park by the beach, a park we have loved since Mr. Mustard and I started dating. It is amazing how at all points in our relationship, we have gravitated to this park. We love it! Paprika has been here many times, too. Not as much as we'd like, though! Hopefully we'll be moving closer to it soon! We shall see.

Me pregnant at 35 weeks:





Then we had dinner at La Salsa by the beach, another one of our faves. After that, we hit the beach for an hour or two before sunset. We went to one of our favorite beaches, a bird sanctuary right on the water.


Paprika surprised us both by running right up to the water and practically diving in! She used to detest the sand and be so scared of the water. Not anymore! Mr. Mustard had to hold her back because otherwise she would have run into the water at full speed.

As it was, she ended up soaked, and we all ended up laughing. Everytime we'd pull her out of the water, she'd run right back and say, "I'll try again!" She had so much fun and it was well worth the soaking!


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