Friday, May 8, 2009

Many Many Updates!

The first huge update I have is that Ann had her baby on Tuesday, May 5th! Also, known as "Cinco de Mayo!" His name is Aiden and he was 6 pounds 14 oz. at birth and 20 inches long. I don't have any pictures to post yet, but I am sure he is just gorgeous! When Ann was reminded that the 5th of May is "Cinco de Mayo"- she said, "So...does Cinco de Mayo always happen on the 5th of May every year or just this year?" Blame it on her blonde-ness, pregnancy, or the fact that she took French in high school!

I can't wait to meet him and see some pictures of beautiful Aiden! Congratulations Ann, Len, and big brothers Benjamin and Cameron!

The second big update is that Mr. Mustard's mom's neighborhood in Santa Barbara has been evacuated due to the Jesusita Fire. I am so glad that Paprika and I left Santa Barbara on Monday night. The fire started just hours after we left, and has been gaining strength ever since.

Paprika and I had been staying at Pat's house by ourselves, as she was on vacation in Maine while we were there. We took over for Pat's house sitter, and that's mainly the reason why I decided we needed to come back to LA: because Paprika and I were alone in the house all week and as I started to feel worse and worse, I knew we needed to be around other people in case I needed to go to the hospital or something like that.

Pat flew in from Maine last night. It was my plan for Paprika and I to drive up to Santa Barbara today to stay with her this week since Mr. Mustard is working a lot, and I would love to have some help watching Paprika. And, her big backyard is really relaxing for Paprika and I both, since we live in a condo here in LA with no backyard.

Well, Pat flew in from Maine at 10:30pm last night, went home, and found that her entire neighborhood was being evacuated at 11 pm. She had the chance to grab a few things and head to a motel. She is headed down to see us today, and we will figure out things from here.

Needless to say, Paprika and I are not headed back to Santa Barbara today...and neither is anyone else! Please pray for the fire victims, and that the fire doesn't spread any farther than it already has. Mr. Mustard's childhood home is in the red zone, and it would be devastating to Pat, Mr. Mustard, and his sister to lose their house. Having been through a terrible fire, myself, I know the emotional impact that such a loss brings. I hope for some happy updates soon.

Here are a few articles on the fire:

From CNN:

The Santa Barbara Independent has the most up-to-date information:

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