Friday, May 8, 2009

Disneyland Bricks!


Yesterday while I was at my doctor's appointment, Mr. Mustard and Paprika had a Father/Daughter day at The Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland!

They were so excited to see that our Memorial Brick for Vivian and Annemarie had been installed! Although we won't be able to take Vivian and Annemarie to Disneyland, it makes me smile to know that each time we go, we will have a little reminder of them at the entrance. And of course, they are always with us in spirit and in our hearts

Vivian and Annemarie's brick is in a very special place. It's right next to Blake and Ethan's memorial brick, which was also just installed. How cool is that?!

I am so happy that we have this brick for Vivian and Annemarie. Each time we go to Disneyland we can stop and remember them before we walk through the entrance. I miss them so much, and memorials like this make my heart feel a little lighter. I hope Annemarie and Vivian know how much we love them, and that even though we are on this side of Heaven, we think about them all the time and that they live on in our hearts.

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