Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trip To The Wharf


First thing this morning, I called my dad to wish him a Happy Birthday! Happy 56th Birthday, Dad!!! Love you and wish I could be in Indiana celebrating with you!

Then, I took Paprika back to the Wharf, and back to the Marine Museum. We went earlier this week, and if left such an impression that she has been asking to go back ever since. So, what the heck, we did!


Paprika especially loves the touch tanks, where you can interact with sea stars, hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, and in one of the tanks, you can also touch sting rays and sharks!


The jellyfish are one of my faves. We looked at these for a long time. Aren't they beautiful?


Paprika especially loved looking at the hatching sharks. These are sacs with baby sharks's pretty amazing to watch them swim inside their sacs still attached to the placenta. Eventually, they bite their way out. When we were here on Thursday, someone brought in a fresh sac that had washed up on the shore and we got to learn all about how they grow and hatch.


Next, we went and had lunch on the wharf at a little seafood shack overlooking the ocean. It was kinda beautiful out there today. ;-)


Then we had a nice walk on the wharf, and Paprika showed her dolly all around since Paprika knows the place so well. She had to make sure dolly was strapped into the stroller, and made sure to point out all the birds, boats, and "pirate ships" along the way. FYI, according to Paprika, the cruise ships parked out at sea are "giant pirate ships." Good to know!


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