Monday, May 18, 2009

Mind Of Her Own!


After Paprika's self-induced afternoon nap yesterday, I had such high hopes. She woke up refreshed after an hour and a half, and we got ready to go have some more "adventures" (as she calls them).

We played outside, we painted (she painted herself and on paper), she had a bath, we went out to dinner, then we went to the park for two hours. Her day was so fun and messy, it involved multiple wardrobe changes! It was a packed afternoon!


We came home and I started trying to get her to bed at 7:30pm (since she had gotten up at 6am that morning)...but it was still light out, so she didn't want to go to bed. I tried again at 8pm. Then began the long, tedious process of me putting her in bed, closing the door, and her walking downstairs 30 seconds later.

This pattern went on, oh about every 5 minutes until after midnight. I walked up and down our stairs probably 50 times. I was stern...loving but firm. Nothing worked.


Finally, a little after midnight, I turned on the computer and started to check email. I said to Paprika, "Fine. Stay up as late as you want. I'm over it." Within three minutes, she was upstairs in bed. Because, you know she wanted to do had to be her choice.


Mr. Mustard got home from work a little after 1am, and then was back at work by 7:30 this morning. Paprika, as if on cue, woke up at 7:45am! She is cranky and tired...but she doesn't want to sleep, so by golly, she's not going to!

I am exhausted!


We have lots on our agenda for this week. Today we're having friends over for a about an hour!

Tomorrow is a big day: I have my doc appointment and then I'm going over to DWTS to watch the taping and go to the wrap party. Party! Still have NO idea what I'm going to wear. I should just wrap a sheet around my midsection and call it a dress.

We have something planned for pretty much every day this thing Paprika's schedule is allowing us to do is to socialize with people who wake up before noon...turns out that is most of the rest of the world!

I am hopeful that Mr. Mustard's mom is going to come down again for a few is so wonderful having her here! We can take shifts with this little energizer bunny!


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