Thursday, May 28, 2009



Our day at the Auto Museum and indoor playground really wore me out! It seems to be a little pattern we've got going here. We go out and do lots of fun stuff as a family one day, and then the next two days I'm too sore to move!

So, I stayed behind yesterday while Mr. Mustard took Paprika out on her adventures. In the morning he took her to the park, and in the afternoon to the Children's Museum. I really wanted to go with them, but I knew I needed to rest more than anything.

I really miss being able to run after Paprika, and to be able to fully engage with her and play with her. She is starting to rely more on Mr. Mustard for things, and that's a big shift: I've always been pretty much her everything, so my ego is getting bruised when she goes to daddy for help now. But I'll get over it!


Mr. Mustard starts a new short-term job on Saturday- it goes through mid-June. I know I need to take advantage of him being home now! I'm going to miss our long, lazy days having him at home!

The down-time has been nice. I've been able to start working on a screenplay I've had in my head for awhile now. Not sure where that will go, but it's fun to work on projects that I never get a chance to otherwise!

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