Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back In Los Angeles...

Paprika and I drove back to LA last night. I started feeling absolutely miserable on Sunday night and it continued to get worse on Monday. Awful pain. Terrible, stabbing pains like a knife ripping through my midsection. Swollen feet. Headaches. Could barely walk...or move. Couldn't sleep because every time I rolled over, I would wake up from the pain. So, I decided it was a good idea to get in the car and come home, where we could be close to Mr. Mustard, the hospital, and Dr. K.

The pains are pretty normal, round ligament pain...but just in case, we decided it was better to be close. Santa Barbara is two hours away in good traffic, and in bad traffic it can be 5 or 6!

So, we're here now. I have my doc appointment Thursday, so I will definitely be asking Dr. K about all these symptoms. I think my body is just very tired from being pregnant for so long, especially since there was only a two month break between my last pregnancy and this one. Here are a few highlights from our week in Santa Barbara:

Paprika and I on our first day at the Zoo, feeding the Giraffes:


Paprika Petting a Shark on Our First Trip to the Marine Museum:


Putting On A Puppet Show:


Family Photo on Our Second Trip to the Zoo (when Mr. Mustard was visiting):


On The Zoo's Choo-Choo Train (We Rode It Three Times!):


Paprika Back At The House, Playing Piano:


Paprika, Snuggling On The Couch:


Trip To One of Many Parks:


And Another Park:


First Time By Herself On "The Big Girl Swings" (I was sooo proud!):


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