Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing Like It!


After countless attempts at getting Paprika to go to sleep yesterday, she finally crashed hard on our bed. We were never true co-sleepers...and yet I have so enjoyed the few times I've gotten to lay next to her while she's asleep. Yesterday's nap reminded me of when Paprika was a tiny little itty bitty thing, and she used to sprawl out on our bed while I'd check email and watch dvds on my laptop.

When she fell asleep yesterday, I couldn't leave her on the bed by herself: she's a thrasher and a roller, and our bed is quite high. So, I crawled in bed, propped myself up with pillows, and watched my sweet baby girl snooze. I ate up every second of it!

Wish me luck today on my doctor's appointment. They never really get easier, and I approach each one with a tiny amount of dread. I hope and pray that everything is fine with our baby...but our last doctor's appointment with the twins left a deep scar in my soul, and I don't think going to a prenatal appointment will ever be the same. I always think to myself: is this the last appointment, too? Am I going to get some devastating news today? I try not to think that way...but the thoughts do creep in.

If all goes well, I'll be at the DWTS wrap party tonight. I found a dress that doesn't look half bad. Now, for shoes, I'm a lost cause. I tried on every pair in my closet, and they are all currently at least 2 sizes too small. I'm gonna have to wear flip flops! It kinda reminds me of this party, when I ended up wearing some men's leather flip flops from Target! I think I might just have to find the box where those shoes are hidden, dust them off, and wear them out dancing tonight!

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