Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disneyland and House-Hunting!

Yesterday we had one packed day! Mr. Mustard found out early in the morning that he had to work Thursday - this week is the season finale of DWTS and there is lots of work to be done... So, that cut our weekend from Wed/Thurs down to just Wednesday. Meaning, we really had to make it count!

We went to a showing with our realtor...since we are now officially in the market for a new house. We went and saw one house, and this was the view from the backyard. I am guessing we would never have to worry about anyone building behind us! :-)


We had planned to go to Disneyland afterwards. I had been throwing up the whole night before, my feet were at least two sizes bigger than they normally are, and with every step I took it felt like a knife was ripping my pelvis. I didn't think I'd be able to go.

But, then I realized that yesterday was the one last chance I had to go before the Fall, and I really wanted to see the bricks, in person, myself! Mr. Mustard starts a new show after DWTS wraps next week, and it goes through mid-June, and then by that time I'll be delivering and our passes will be on blackout (we are low-season passholders) yesterday was really the last chance.

So...we did it! I rented an electric scooter. I have no shame! It was money well spent. I cruised the park...not really in style...but it felt good! And I got to be with Mr. Mustard and Paprika and enjoy the day when otherwise I would have been stuck at home. It was super fun riding that thing! I felt a little guilty Mr. Mustard had to push Paprika in the stroller all day, but every time I have taken Paprika to Disneyland by myself, I have been pregnant and pushed her I didn't feel that bad!


The day was filled with wonderful surprises! I don't know how to say this without sounding like a total weirdo...but...I ran into a woman I know from the blogging world! I have read Michele's blog pretty much every day for two years. I don't know her in real life...but I feel like I do! She has the best tips for parenting, and I love reading about how she parents her four small children (triplets and a singleton). Whenever I feel overwhelmed taking Paprika here, there, or everywhere...I remember that Michele takes 4 kids by herself all over creation...and it makes me more confident! She lives in Las Vegas and I knew she was going to Disneyland sometime this week, but I didn't think it was yesterday, and I certainly didn't think I'd run into her. How cool is that?

Me and Michele:


Paprika got to ride all of her usual rides. Paprika rode a few with me and Mr. Mustard, and some with just Mr. Mustard while I watched! It was a fun, packed day. Here are some highlights!

Catepillar Ride:


Bumper Cars:




Waiting for the Choo-Choo Train:





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