Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!


Memorial Day for us this year was very laid back and good! Mr. Mustard took Paprika to the park in the morning and in the evening. And in between, he set up the "baby's room" (which is really just a space in our bedroom!)

Paprika and I had fun playing on the front patio with her water toys. Here I am trying out my new 50mm lens, getting some profile shots.


I forgot to mention something in the post the other day about the $400K house with the bee's nest. Not only did they want $400K for the house, but they wanted it all in cash. Can you imagine, if you had $400K just lying around (like I know I do- ha ha), spending it on a house with mold in the walls and a giant bee's nest in one of the bedrooms? And when I say giant bee's nest, I mean giant! The floor was covered with dead bees and the rest of the room was swarming with thousands of bees. Dontcha think they should have taken care of that before the open house?!

In other news, I am pretty sure I broke my toe on Sunday night! It's painful, but it's not like I'm walking too much anyway right now, so I'm just icing it and keeping it elevated.

Mr. Mustard has been having great times with Paprika, but refuses to take the camera with him when they go out together. Something about "living in the moment" and "remembering it" - well, I'm all for that, but I need pictures, too! ;-)


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