Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween At Disneyland!


Yesterday we took a little family day-trip to Disneyland. Mr. Mustard works Friday through Tuesday on Dancing With The Stars, and then has off Wednesday and Thursday (our weekend). It works out nicely because Wed/Thurs are generally the least crowded days to go out and do fun stuff.


On Wed/Thurs (our weekend), Mr. Mustard usually works nights on the TV show The Doctors. We always try to get a full day of fun in before he has to run off to work a full night shift. It takes a little bit of creative scheduling...but we usually make it work.

Yesterday, we went to D-Land and we were home in time for him to zip off to work. I was bummed that we missed the Halloween Fireworks, but happy we got to spend some time together and enjoy the special Halloween D-Land decorations!

Paprika was tickled by all the Halloween Pumpkins- I mean, it's not every day that you see Goofy as a pumpkin!


Paprika's favorite Princess was out and about. Paprika was a little star-struck when she saw her. I think Paprika was upset she wasn't wearing her of all days!


Ginger had a fun time, too. She was very interested in everything around her- and even woke up when we went on the "It's a Small World" ride! I think she was having deja vu!

It was Ginger's second trip to D-Land outside the womb...and at only 14 weeks! Mr. Mustard and I commented the other day on the fact that this was only my third time being at D-Land when I was not pregnant. Our first trip last year, and then these two times bringing Ginger. But, given the fact that I babywear her 99% of the time, and am constantly nursing doesn't feel that much different than being pregnant with her! ;-)

Okay, how quickly I does feel A LOT different! I didn't have to use the electric scooter this time...although I kinda missed it!


We did put both girls in the double stroller for a stretch for the first time this trip! It felt kinda weird to have Ginger and Paprika down in the stroller while we were just walking along pushing them from behind. Strange but it also felt like freedom for my arms and back!


The best part of the day was the little petting zoo they just set up for Fall. There are goats, sheep, and even a cow (who was wearing a pink tutu for some reason). We had planned on taking Paprika to the LA County Fair again this year, but why not avoid the swarming masses and go to a barnyard where the poop is magically scooped up by a nearly-invisible support staff?

Paprika made quick friends with this goat. She has a way of finding one animal, becoming instant BFFs, and never leaving its side. Remember The Chicken?


Paprika wanted to follow this goat around all afternoon, and snuggle him, pet him, and love on him. I was starting to get deja vu!


We let Paprika stay as long as she wanted, but after 45 minutes or so, she remembered we were at Disneyland, and that we had many more fun things to do and see before our trip was done. So, she said goodbye to the goat and that was that!


All in all, a great trip!

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