Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back From The Doc...

Ginger accompanied me to the health clinic/doctor's office this morning while Paprika was in preschool. I have an infection in my lungs as a complication from the swine flu. I was given medication that is compatible with breastfeeding, but if it's not strong enough...then...we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I am looking forward to feeling better, and feeling grateful for modern medicine today.

At the health clinic, they made me wear a big mask...so of course everyone was staring at me! And then in the elevator, someone talked to me and I had such a coughing fit that I almost threw up and blacked out. It freaked EVERYONE in the elevator out and they all got off at the next floor (even though they were all supposed to get off at different stops). LOL. I felt kinda bad about that but I could not take the stairs b/c 1) I can't breathe and 2) I had Ginger in the stroller and you can't take a stroller up several flights of stairs!

Update: The doctor called me about an hour ago and told me that she wants me to come back in a week for a follow-up x-ray because the radiologist saw a suspicious shadow in one area of the film that needs more examination. Praying it's nothing. Enough is enough!

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