Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Birthday Party!


We went to Riley's Birthday Party today- Riley turned 3 on August 9th (one week before Paprika turned 3)...but since Devon was on bedrest, she waited to throw Riley's party until after Peighton was born. It was an Ariel themed party, so you know Paprika loved that!

I was so busy taking care of Ginger, running after Paprika, and trying to socialize that I only took ONE picture. Can you believe that?! Slacker! And it wasn't even a GOOD picture. When you're juggling a newborn, a three year old, and a social life...something's gotta give and this time it was the photos!

Mr. Mustard was working, so it was just me at the party, but I did alright. Paprika had a great time at the party- she was so excited for Riley, and just had the best time ever.


Before we left for the party, I was busy trying to get everything put together to go and Ginger got a little fussy. After a moment, Ginger stopped crying and I looked over to her blanket and noticed that Paprika was reading Ginger a book. It calmed Ginger down instantly!


Paprika has been a big help to me with Ginger. She intuitively knows what to do to be helpful and how to be a good big sister. She loves reading to Ginger, making her laugh, and just being supportive. Love her!


When I was sick last week, I let Paprika watch a few episodes of Dora The Explorer. It was her first time ever seeing the show, and she loved it! Since Dora wears a backpack, now Paprika has to go everywhere with her backpack.


She puts all her little treasures in her backpack and runs up and down our walkway, ready to go on adventures.


She has so much fun imagining new places, new lands, new adventures...


and telling me all about it!


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