Friday, October 9, 2009

16 Weeks!


Ginger turned 16 weeks yesterday. She is 15 pounds according to our bathroom scale, and she is impossibly long/tall. I have been trying to stretch out the length of time she can wear her 3-6 month clothes. With the weather getting cool this past week, I have started putting her in footed sleepers. I had her in 3-6 month sleepers for a few days until I realized that she could not straighten out her legs. She was getting fussy, and I had no idea why. She wanted to stretch, and she couldn't. So now she's wearing 6-12 month clothes pretty exclusively.


Ginger is trying so hard to roll over. I think she's gonna get it in a few weeks- she is close but not quite there yet. She can pivot around in a circle really well.

Her neck strength is pretty good. She can hold her head up for very long stretches of time, but she doesn't really want to. She loves being held and having her head supported. She likes to relax in mommy's arms.

Ginger is still in every sense of the word a mama's girl. She doesn't really want anything to do with anyone else, Mr. Mustard included. Basically, if anyone else holds her she'll cry, and if I hold her, all she does is smile. I feel bad for Mr. Mustard because he is trying so hard and Ginger is not making it easy on him.

Ginger goes to sleep around 1am and sleeps til about 8am, and then takes short naps during the day (but only when she's being held). She spends a lot of time in the Baby Bjorn because she loves the head support she gets and she loves being so close to me. I tried her in the Ergo yesterday, but I think she's still too little for it. We'll try again in a week or two...maybe on her 4 month birthday next Sunday!


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