Tuesday, October 20, 2009

UPS, Park, Thigh-High Boots!


Monday was busy. We waited around most of the day for UPS to arrive with my new camera. I have been waiting for months and months for a new camera...and missed the delivery on Friday, so Monday was supposed to be the day. So we waited by the front door but UPS didn't come. Turns out that over the weekend someone at UPS accidentally "misplaced or damaged" the package (translation: stole it!), so now I am still waiting for my new camera. I swear I'm going to have my same 'ole Rebel XTi forever. Everytime I try to get a new camera, something goes awry!


Undaunted, I packed everyone up for a trip to the park. It was a gorgeous day and an afternoon well-spent. Ginger slept in the Baby Bjorn while Paprika had her run of the park.


Then, I took both girls dress shopping with me. Yup, I had to find something to wear because I am going to a fancy Hollywood thing with Mr. Mustard. He is always going out to parties and premieres and mixer-doodles...and I am always (okay, not always...but mostly) stuck at home. So this time, I am getting out!

I didn't end up finding anything to wear, but I still have time. The good news was that despite my fears, both girls were sooooo well-behaved at the stores. The highlight was when Paprika tried on some brown leather knee boots that went up to her waist and modeled them for everyone in the store. It was pretty aweseome! I so wish I would have had my camera on me!


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