Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Show Must Go On!


It really IS true what they say...the show must go on! While Mr. Mustard has been working his butt off editing Dancing With The Stars, we have been hunkered down at home.


I had big plans to do so many adventures this week, but with me being so very sick, those plans got scrapped. But, it is also true what they say...a mom can never rest. I don't know if that's the exact saying, but it is true, isn't it?!

So since we're not out and about doing our adventures this week, I have been keeping Paprika busy with lots and lots of crafts.

We decorated a pumpkin. True, it was just Sharpie...but in 3 year old land, that's exciting! Paprika wanted to make sure he had enough hair. That's why there are so many scribbles.


We made "Snow Flags"- I kept telling Paprika that they were "Snowflakes"- but she didn't buy it. These are "Snow Flags" and don't try to tell her otherwise! I guess it makes sense, since she doesn't see much snow around here. They do kind of look like flags, though!


There was a lot of gluing...


And sparkles...


And gluing sparkles!


Ginger enjoyed it! And I am thankful for a little rest...sort of!


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