Saturday, October 3, 2009

15 Weeks!


Ginger turned 15 weeks on Thursday! The weather here is cooling down a bit, and I am so glad for it! The months of 100 degree heat were rough, so now that fall is here and it's only in the upper 80s, things are seeming much more manageable.

We are getting into a routine here. House-hunting has been agonizing, but ever since the debacle with the Redondo house , I have felt a little more distanced from our housing search. Even though we have no room here, I have decided to make it work until something great comes on the market. It's just too much stress to constantly be searching for a place, trying to make it work. We are still looking, I guess it's just my attitude that has changed. If we have to stay in our condo for awhile, then I have to be okay with it. The cool weather is definitely helping my attitude, as the crushing heat was making it difficult to ever get outside. Now it feels like we can at least go to the park and out and about - freedom!


Gingery is just happy! She is 100% content whenever I am in eyeshot, but she definitely isn't comfortable with anyone else. Last night I tried to slip out to Target to pick up some things, and I wasn't gone more than half an hour before I got a frantic phonecall from Mr. Mustard telling me I needed to come home right now. There was A LOT of screaming going on in the background, so of course, I rushed right home.

The feeling of never being alone has me feeling a bit tethered, but it's okay. Next time I will be bringing Ginger with me on my Target runs. Believe it or not, just bringing her by herself feels like a vacation...she is so easy and mellow. Paprika is also fun, of course, but it's just more to manage and I can't linger and look and's more of a trip with a mission!


So, Ginger is always by my side...and I love that. She sits in her bouncy seat in the bathroom while I take a shower, and she has to be held to fall asleep...and then she has to hold onto my hand while she sleeps. If I let go of her hand, she wakes up. That's three months old for ya! Love her and I have loved every second of these last 15 weeks. My joy!


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