Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Equals Monday?


Our Fridays always feel a bit like Mondays, since it's Mr. Mustard first day of work for the week. Makes us a little "off" from the rest of the world...everyone is saying "Happy Weekend!" and our week is just beginning!

I took these pictures of Ginger this morning right after she woke up. She is so sweet all the time, but I especially savor my mornings with her. I try to stretch them out as long as possible.


This morning I was running late to pick Paprika up at usual! Thankfully, Mr. Mustard is getting us dialed in at the school. He has already signed up to volunteer at the Book Fair later this month. It takes place during the week on Mr. Mustard's day convenient is that?! He also offered all the staff at the school tickets to Dancing With The Stars. Paprika's preschool teacher and the director of the school went last week. Paprika's teacher sat right behind the judges' panel so everytime the judges said something, she was right there on-screen. Brownie points!

We love Paprika's school, and love her teachers. We are really grateful for how much she's growing there. Her being there gives me time alone with Ginger each day...and I cherish that. Paprika got three years of just me, so I feel like Ginger should get some one-on-one time, too!

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