Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ginger at 14 Weeks


We had a little photoshoot yesterday for Ginger in honor of her 14th week! She wore the same dress she had on when I took these pictures when she was one week (eight days) old!


Ginger is changing so much. She is so content and laid back. She is happy to just go with the flow, and as long as I'm around, she's cool.


We've been having a lot of fun with her. She gets carted around with us wherever we go, and she is so interested in everything we're doing. She just kinda takes it all in.


She's a pretty good little model, too! I have had fun documenting her every second of life (practically) with my camera. She is very fun to photograph.


Paprika saw we were having a little photoshoot, and she had to jump in on that. She was wearing her favorite outfit- the Tinkerbell swimsuit my Aunt Laura gave her earlier this summer. She said, "Hey mom, can you take my picture in my special Tinkerbell swimsuit?"


Okay! Sounds like a good idea!


After that we did a little wardrobe change. Ginger seemed to like it.


Ginger's 14th week of life outside the womb has been a scrumptious one. I wish I could bottle every second of life with these girls. They are my miracles!


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