Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Sniffles!


Some kind of bug has hit our house. You would think that Paprika picked it up at preschool...but no...Mr. Mustard brought it home from work! Mr. Mustard and I are sick - Paprika and Ginger seem to be a-okay. I'm glad the girls are feeling good- but man, I am tired from taking care of them while my body is dragging from being sick. It really is true that there are no days off from being a parent. Mr. Mustard is still working (of course!) despite being sick...if he can handle it, so can I.

Anyhoo- we had a good day today. Mr. Mustard was working, so I took the girls to the park. It was really nice outside- it has cooled off significantly, so the weather was crisp and nice. We went to our favorite park and as soon as I took my first picture, the camera battery died. So no pictures. But we have memories!


I took these pictures before we left the house for the park. We were getting ready to go out, and Paprika wanted to snuggle Ginger in the rocking chair. She is a good big sister. She loves her baby Ginger!


At the park Paprika had a great time playing with a group of kids who were there for a birthday party. All the kids were ages 5 and older, and Paprika just inserted herself into their play group. She was running around laughing with them, and having a great time.


I think people get confused when they meet Paprika- they tend to think she is older because of her size, but then with some things she acts her age. She wears 5T clothes, size 10 or 11 shoes (depending on the brand) and she is a good talker except when she is being shy. When Paprika gets shy she sometimes reverts to gobbledy-gook talk. She loves to play with all kids, but especially kids a few years older than she is.


With kids her own age and younger, she is very sweet and gentle like a little mama hen. With kids who are older than she is, she loves to copy everything they do and follow them wherever they go.


One thing for sure is that both of these girls are very social beings. Ginger lights up with excitement and smiles when we interact with her. Paprika is a little social butterfly who loves being around other people, loves playing with other kids, and is just such an inclusive little person.


I was glad I took the girls to the park today, despite feeling like my lungs were going to explode from being sick. Being outside was good for all of us, and I always love to see Paprika having fun and making new friends.

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