Friday, October 30, 2009

Status Update

I am feeling a lot better. Mr. Mustard had Wednesday and Thursday off work (our weekend), and he was so helpful. I got to rest and it felt really good to have a little downtime!

Paprika had her big Halloween school parties yesterday and today, and we got some fab pictures, which I will have to post later. Our computer is having an issue uploading photos at the moment. Grrrr!

Mr. Mustard volunteered at Paprika's Preschool Book Fair yesterday, and so he got to really see Paprika in action in the classroom. She is very much a "sit in the front and be the first to answer all the questions" type of girl. A real Hermione Granger...wonder where she gets that from?! (Anyone who has gone to school with me can attest to my own Hermione-ness).

We carved pumpkins last night (photos to come soon), and Paprika had a blast! She kept squealing in delight at all the "Oooglie-Mooglie" inside the pumpkins. Oooglie-Mooglie! was her constant excited refrain!

We have a few Halloween Parties to attend this weekend, in addition to Trick-or-Treating with Paprika. I am not sure I'm going to be able to go to the parties, even though I really really want to go!

Yesterday, we went out to lunch at Island's as a family, (I am definitely not contagious or anything)...but I was so exhausted when we got home, it was unbelievable. I feel like my immune system is just at zero. I am frustrated that I'm not getting better faster. But I guess it just takes time and I am grateful that I am feeling as good as I am at the moment! Compared to where I was, I am a lot better.

Hope you enjoy your Halloween weekend! This is one of my favorite times of year...I so enjoy the Fall weather and the chance to have fun and be imaginative with dress-up and costumes!

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