Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blizzard In Pasadena?!


Can you believe it?! Snow blanketed our neighborhood in Pasadena yesterday. This house is just two blocks from us. It looks like Christmas in Indiana! Or Connecticut! But not Pasadena...

Okay, so it wasn't real snow. It was a movie that's filming in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood has been the scene of lots of movies and TV shows. The TV show Brothers & Sisters films in our neighborhood. The Father of the Bride movies were shot three blocks away. The Changeling was filmed here, too...and many more.

So, our neighborhood is often chock-full of production vehicles and Star Wagons. This was the scene yesterday as we made our way over to the Huntington. Not exactly blizzard weather:


It was a balmy 85 degrees. Paprika had to roll up her sleeves as she tossed rocks into the river...


And played in the sprinklers and water misters...


She ran through the tunnels, of course!


She laughed in the miniature house made of leaves and trees...


And played pretend in a magical garden with a door just her size...


Meanwhile, Ginger dreamt the day away, fast asleep in her favorite spot!


The End!

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