Thursday, October 8, 2009

One More Time!


We had big plans today to bring Paprika & Ginger to D-Land today to see the Halloween Fireworks. When we picked Paprika up from preschool, we told her we were going to see fireworks at D-Land. She said, "Can we please go to the farm again instead?"

Fireworks at Disneyland sounded waaaay better to us, but I guess she thought otherwise. Ginger didn't have an opinion on the matter, so we went back to the farm. Mr. Mustard said it was positively un-American to force a child to go to Disneyland. I couldn't agree more.


So, we headed back to the farm and had fun playing in the dust and pickin' pumpkins in the fields. The glitz and glamour of Disney has nothing on good ole' fashioned farm fun!


Who needs D-Land when you've got tattered scarecrows?


And an electric choo-choo train...


And a huge wooden choo-choo train, too?!


Paprika had so much fun climbing through tunnels...

And she even got to ride a new horse today. The horse's name was Tinkerbell. How appropriate!


The day ended the same way that it ended the day before. Asleep on the ride home. Bliss!


If anyone is wondering what Gingery did today...she slept and slept...and slept some more in the Baby Bjorn. Except today, she let Mr. Mustard carry her for part of the day. Mr. Mustard loved that!

Mr. Mustard and I are both still sick, but we're both getting better. I think the fresh air is helping. It's definitely better than staying indoors with a three year old bouncing off the walls all day long! ;-)

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