Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Part Two


More photos from the big weekend. Paprika had lots of fun "making" (cooking) in the kitchen with Grandma Pat, and spending time with Daddy.


It was the perfect weather for long afternoon walks.


And it was Ginger's first Thanksgiving outside the womb...I enjoyed holding her as much as ever...which is quite a lot.


Paprika examined a starfish (and lots of other creatures) at a Sea Center touch tank.


We had a great trip to the Pier. Paprika felt the warm sea air on her skin...


and danced and jumped for half an hour straight!


When Paprika was done jumping and dancing, we stopped and shared a bowl of ice cream. She had to share with bear, too, of course!


We went to the Habit (first trip) with old friends...Tom (pictured), Ryan, and his lovely bride Katherine. The chocolate shakes were too good to resist...


so we went back a second time. This time we brought Paprika and Ginger- it was Ginger's first trip, and she tried to eat my french fries! I didn't let her, though!


We had fun introducing Ginger to lots of old buddies- the most fun was passing her off to our friends who don't have kids (yet). They always look so at ease holding a baby! ;-)


Paprika went through all of Grandma Pat's silver and china. She was mesmerized by it- and took pretty good care of it, all things considered. Grandma Pat is very tolerant of Paprika's need to explore!


The best part of all was relaxing and enjoying time together.


Paprika and Ginger know how to do that best of all!


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