Wednesday, November 18, 2009

California Adventure and D-Land!


Mr. Mustard had a few hours off work today, so we went to D-Land and California Adventure together. Paprika has been begging to go, of course. So, we took this opportunity to get there before it gets crazy at Thankgsiving.

The parks were empty. No lines. Awesome!


We rode a lot of our old favorites...


And a bunch of new rides, too. Paprika was so excited to ride the Ferris Wheel for the very first time, so we thought we'd give it a whirl.


When we were up at the very top, Mr. Mustard told me that he can't stand Ferris Wheels. Too late! After 9 years of being together, you would think I would know this by now. But I guess you learn something new every day.


The rest of us had fun.


We had a spectacular view of the park, and it felt like we could see for miles.


The End.

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