Friday, November 20, 2009

5 Months!


Ginger is now my big 5 month old! She turned 5 months old at Disneyland on Wednesday. She is so strong. She can scoot all the way across the floor on her back by digging her heels into the carpet and pushing. She flips easily to her tummy, but still isn't a big fan of flipping from tummy to back. She did it that once, and that was it.

All yesterday, I could tell that Ginger was coming down with a cold. Last night around 9:30pm, it got much worse. I was up with her all night. She was crying inconsolably, having a hard time breathing because of all the congestion. She would fall asleep for about 2 minutes, then wake up screaming from not being able to breathe. I held her all night, and around 7am this morning, Mr. Mustard came in and gave me a two hour break so I could catch a few precious moments of sleep.

She is so stuffy, and miserable. We have the humidifiers going, and all that good stuff. I am hoping it passes quickly.

I'm considering taking Paprika out of preschool for awhile until we can all get healthy again. I know the constant stream of germs from school is contributing to all this sickness. It's getting to the point where it's not worth it anymore! But, the school is really wonderful, and I know Paprika gets a lot out of it. It's also been wonderful for me to have the school - since we don't have family nearby and Mr. Mustard's work schedule keeps him very busy most of the time, it has been like a lifeline for me.

What to do? Maybe I will just start spraying Paprika with sanitizer when I pick her up from school every day. Or dress her in a disposable plastic suit every morning before school. Any other ideas?


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