Saturday, November 7, 2009



Shhhh...Paprika is sleeping. This is a picture of her sacked out on the couch in a very dark room.

She is tired.

Her body is tired.

She woke Mr. Mustard up for work this morning by throwing up on him. Awesome. She is so upbeat, and she denies being sick. All day today, she has been trying her best to appear "normal" while obviously not feeling like herself.

I stopped giving her Tamiflu because one of the major side effects is vomitting and nausea. Stellar. Since we stopped the Tamiflu, she's been keeping liquids down...a major improvement from yesterday. She has all the classic flu symptoms, so I think now all there is to do is wait it out and pray she doesn't get a secondary infection.

I realize how very fortunate we have been with Paprika's overall health. When I called the pharmacy to get her prescription, they had no record of her...and I realized it's because she hasn't ever had a prescription filled in her whole life. That's three years and almost three months. I know how fortunate and lucky we are on that, and even just seeing her this sick once made me so sad and terrified. I think about children who are perpetually sick, terminally sick...and how horrible that is. I would rather be sick one thousand times over than watch Paprika or Ginger be sick.

I am so grateful for her overall health. I know that we're not promised anything and that our lives could change in an instant. Praying she recovers quickly, and is back to her happy & healthy self very soon!

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