Friday, November 13, 2009

Having A Ball!


Friday afternoon was spent "playing ball" on the front walkway while Baby Ginger had a nap. Thank goodness for baby monitors!

It was good for Paprika to get some one on one time with me, since yesterday with my fever I was so out of it that Mr. Mustard took care of her mostly. It really upsets Paprika to see her mommy sick, so I try my best to appear 100% healthy in front of her whenever I can.


We had lots of fun. Just goes to show that you can keep it simple and still have a ball! Hahahaha!

My plan of attack for getting better is lots of vitamins, fresh fruit, hot liquids, and rest. Mr. Mustard only has a few more weeks on Dancing With The Stars until he goes on hiatus, so when he's finally not working 100 hours/week, I will get to rest. And resting, I think, will really help. At least that's what I'm hoping!


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