Tuesday, November 17, 2009

16 Pounds!


I weighed Ginger on our bathroom scale on Sunday (you know...I weigh myself, then weigh myself holding Ginger and subtract the difference). She weighs 16 pounds, which is 3.5 pounds less than Paprika weighed at this exact age. At 4 months, 3 weeks old, Paprika weighed 19.5 pounds.


It's kind of working in my favor, though, since Ginger was a June baby and Paprika was an August baby. I didn't think they'd be able to share too many clothes because of the seasons. But since Ginger is weighing less, she's tracking right along where Paprika was at this time of year...even though Paprika was 2 months younger.


That means Ginger gets the benefit of Paprika's wardrobe, in addition to all her new stuff- all of the clothes we have been so generously gifted, in addition to the clothes I cannot resist buying her. Lucky, lucky girl! :-)


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