Saturday, November 21, 2009

Little By Little


Ginger is feeling better. Not all better, just better. And I'll take it! We were cooped up inside all yesterday because Ginger was feeling so sick, so today I knew we had to get out!

We went to our favorite rose garden. It was exquisitely beautiful!


Paprika had the best time running through the gardens playing pretend. She has quite the imagination. Everything is magical to this little girl.


Ginger laid on a blanket in the grass. She was laughing at Paprika. Anything Paprika does, Ginger thinks it's the best thing ever!


Then we hit the playground. Paprika "fed" the horses many times, and had lots of fun planning her getaway. She'd say things like, "I'm going to the store to get some ice cream. Go, horse, go! See you later, Mom!"


Meanwhile, Ginger was taking it all in and enjoying the scenery.


We were there for a long time, and it got really chilly. I hadn't planned on being at the park for so long, and I didn't bring enough warm stuff for Ginger (or myself).

Paprika insisted that Ginger wear her sweater because "it's too chilly for Baby Ginger, and I want her to be nice and cozy and warm and snuggly."

So, if you've ever wondered what a 5 month old would look like wearing a 4T sweater, here ya go!


Then Ginger got really sleepy and she looked so pathetic, I had to take a picture.


And then about two seconds later, she fell asleep.


And she slept and slept so nice and cozy and warm and snuggly in her 4T sweater.


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