Thursday, November 5, 2009

7D At The Park!


My new camera (the Canon 7D) came in the mail! After that UPS snafu, I didn't know if I was ever going to see it.


We took it over to the botanical gardens up the street, and had fun getting to know our new camera. I have to say, there is quite a big learning curve with it. Both Mr. Mustard and I were fumbling with the camera, trying to figure it out. It is definitely not a "point and shoot" type of camera...but I enjoy a bit of a challenge!


Paprika had an awesome time. Her favorite part of visiting this park is going to visit the Buddha statue. She gets so excited to go see her Boo-Dee-Ya, as she calls him. Her love for the Boo-Dee-Ya reminds me of her friend, The Tin Man. She still wants to go visit him whenever we go to that park. Paprika has a grand time talking to statues, and today was no exception. When it was time to leave, she invited the Buddha statue over to our house for lunch!


Ginger hung out in the Baby Bjorn, of course!


She really loves it in there, where she can feel safe and close to mommy!


Paprika had such a fun time exploring and running around. Here she is making a sculpture out of metal shards and a magnet. Cool & messy!


She even got to hold hands with her Daddy! A great day!


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