Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fairies!


My little Halloween Fairies! We had such a wonderful Halloween afternoon. We also had a wonderful Halloween night...we went Trick or Treating twice and even made it to a Halloween party! Those pictures will come in a later post when I get a second to upload them. I woke up Saturday morning feeling so much better...renewed...just in time to partake in the wonderful festivities!


We had planned on going to a very festive & fun Halloween afternoon kids' party at our friends Hilary and Jonathan's house, but Jonathan landed sick with H1N1 the night before the party, and had to cancel!


So, we improvised and played fairies all day around the house!


I think you can tell these two love eachother...a lot!


Paprika is Ginger's protector...and Ginger is Paprika's greatest fan! Paprika spent the afternoon "reading" stories to Ginger, and it relaxed Ginger so much she fell asleep listening to the sound of her big sister's voice. It was wonderful!


Then, while Ginger had her nap, Paprika played pretend by herself...


She ran...


and flew...


and had a ball! It was a Halloween to remember! Pictures from the night's festivities to come...


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