Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Mermaid?!

On our many adventures yesterday, we stopped off at Target to raid the Halloween costume markdowns. While browsing the toy section, I came across this gem:


I mean, really?! Tattoo Barbie? And she even comes with her own tattoo gun? That's one we definitely won't be buying for Christmas! I mean, I have nothing against tattoos per se, but marketing them to 5 year olds? C'mon!

We did make a major score in the Halloween Costume aisle. Prices were so low they were practically begging us to bring this one home (or was that Paprika begging, I can't recall).

So, now Paprika has her own Mermaid/Ariel costume. She was really excited about it.


I thought she looked glamorous in it...kinda a throw-back to Old Hollywood:


Or like a flight attendant with the headpiece:


This pose made me think of the Miss USA pageant. It's never too early to start training. Kidding! Kidding!


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