Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Rhythm of Our Life


Our life has become this pretty steady rhythm. Monday and Tuesdays are the most hectic, for sure. Those are show days...the days Dancing With The Stars airs Live From Hollywood, and Mr. Mustard's workload is toughest on those days. Wednesday and Thursday he works on The Doctors, and that's usually more laid back and the hours are flexible. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are our "in between" days...lots of work and long hours on Dancing, but not quite like show days. Then we're back to Monday and the cycle starts all over again!

Mr. Mustard is working seven days/week, and has been for a few months (or maybe a few years...I'm losing track!) It's hectic, but he loves his work and it's so creatively fulfilling. I find my role more and more is to support him, and be grateful that he loves what he does and be proud of him for doing it so well. I miss him a lot, but I find that we make our time together quality, and make the most of each moment together...which is really a gift. After nine years (almost!) of us being together, enjoying each moment together is quite a feat in my book!

Of course that means, most of the hands-on parenting falls on me. I am always learning, and really it's so challenging to mother well. I think over the past three years I've learned more and grown more than at any other time in my life, and yet...I am still learning.

My being so sick, and still nursing and trying to provide an infant with all of her nutrition, it's been difficult. I think everyone who has ever nursed a baby knows that it's not all roses all the time, but I find myself frustrated more and more about the little things I didn't know that you'd think I would have learned by now (especially after nursing Paprika for two years). Like, Robitussin can significantly decrease milk supply. And so can cough drops. And herbal tea. Basically anything constructive to helping a person with a cold can thrash your supply.

So, thankfully, Ginger is still nursing exclusively despite these things I didn't know before now. I'm a quick learner, thankfully. It's just hard sometimes. I find that being a mom takes basically everything out of me. It's just not about me anymore...ever. I wouldn't change anything, of course. I love being home with Ginger and Paprika, and I love our lives with Mr. Mustard. Just some days, I would like to think about just me! But not today...and that's okay. I mean, look at that smile! All worth it.


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