Tuesday, December 1, 2009

D-Land at Christmas


We had a fun-filled day at D-Land today. We picked Paprika up from preschool and scooted on down. Stayed almost til the parks closed. Hit Disneyland and California Adventure.

I picked up a wicked cold at the Santa Barbara Zoo last weekend, and have completely lost my voice. This morning, I started on the meds the doctor ordered- I have been sick since September. Life cannot stop when mom is sick - too much life to cram in with these kids. Must keep going. The meds are already helping. I wish I'd taken them sooner.


We had a wonderful time- we rode lots of new rides today. Paprika is getting quite adventurous. She wants to ride everything scary- rollercoasters, rides that go wayyy up in the air and go very fast, and just a bunch of things that scare me (but of course I don't tell her that)!

She is now just 40 inches (barely)- and she was pulling herself up to her full height so she could go on the rides. She was borderline, but they let her through- it was pretty funny to watch Paprika trying so hard to make the height requirement. A few of the rides require 42 inches, and she was crushed she couldn't ride. Next year perhaps.

Today we rode Soarin' Over California together for the first time. I went on it a few years ago with my step-dad, Eric, and brother Robbie. It was just as nauseating the second time around- but fun!


Ginger did great. She was all giggles. She rode the slow rides- the Dumbo Ride, It's a Small World (twice), the Carousel...and in general had fun people watching and checking out the amazing Christmas decorations. A fun day was had by all!


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