Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night!


We had a very packed Halloween night. First up, we went Trick or Treating in our neighborhood around 5:30pm.


Paprika picked out her costume, and she wanted to be a "fairy with special wings and a magic wand." Boom done!


Ginger was also a fairy. She seemed happy with her costume!


Since we were out soooooo early, no one was passing out candy yet. But Paprika managed to have a good time!


We needed to get out early because we were going to a big Halloween Bash in honor of our friends Lauren and Don, who are expecting their first child in January. They had a big co-ed Halloween baby shower, with lots of kids and families invited.

Lauren (29 weeks pregnant) and Don:


So, we stayed at the party for a few hours. Paprika had a great time chasing around with the other kids her age at the party. Then, we made the trek home...but not before stopping in not one, but count 'em, TWO neighborhoods for Trick or Treating!

The first stop was in a neighborhood that had the BEST decorated houses I have seen in my life! It was way cool! The houses looked like this:


Or at least that's how they looked to my camera without the flash on...

Then we came back to our neighborhood and did the rounds here. There are some amazing, decorated houses in our neighborhood...and we didn't want Paprika to miss that either!

So, it was a very packed night. We got home super late, and it was straight to bed for Paprika. Well...we might have let her have a few pieces of candy before lights out!

Ginger was a trooper and enjoyed her very first Halloween celebration! She certainly got to experience the full deal. It was tres fun, and I feel so happy I was feeling good enough to do all of that in one day! I kinda paid for it when I woke up this morning, exhausted, congested, and feeling sick again. But the memories were so worth it!

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