Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday On The Lot

Paprika and I went down to the lot today to visit Mr. Mustard on the set of Dancing With The Stars. It was awesome to see where he's working, and to meet all the people he works with. Everyone was super nice to us. We picked Saturday to visit because by Sunday, everything gets more stressful since they air on Monday and Tuesday. So, Saturday is a pretty low-key day to go.

Mr. Mustard and Paprika Outside The Stage:


We toured the stage, green room, got to see Mr. Mustard's edit bay...stuff like that. One of the couples was practicing while we were there, and they were awesome! We sat and watched, and Paprika was mesmerized. Paprika really would have liked to hang out on the stage all day, but it's serious business when these people are practicing, and we didn't want to intrude.

In The Audience, Watching The Dancers/Stars Practice:


Me In The Backstage "Green Room":


After that, we walked around the lot and just spent some time together. We passed by the Young and The Restless set, and the Price Is Right set. Paprika had been there before - so she really knew her way around the place! ;-)

Walking By The Young and The Restless Set:


The Price Is Right Stage:


Paprika wanted to stay all day, but Mr. Mustard had to get some work done, so we said goodbye. The whole ride home, she couldn't stop talking about all the dancing! We had a great time- thanks, guys!!!

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