Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh, My Aching Back!

Pregnancy Status as of 29 weeks, 3 Days:

Well, my back pain has gotten so much worse! I am using a heating pad at night to help things along, but man, it is still so painful!

My placenta is anterior (in the front), so there is no cushion between the baby and my spine. In a normal pregnancy, the placenta can be in the front, on the side, or in the back (it's usually in the back)- but for some reason, mine is always in the front! It's not a big deal except that it means I don't feel as much movement as I would if the placenta was in the back or on the side...and there is no cushioning barrier between the baby and my spine- which, ouch- is very painful especially as the baby grows!

Since the baby is also breech, it means that I have the full weight resting on my back. I think the baby may also be laying on a nerve because whenever I move, I get a sharp pain through my upper back.

Every 45 minutes or so, the baby kicks me really hard in the bladder, and it takes every ounce of my being not to lose control (if you know what I mean)!

So, we've been taking it easy around here the past few days. I brought out a bunch of Paprika's toys that she hadn't played with in ages. It's like she has a whole new toy stash! How exciting! I have been laying on the carpet playing with her, propping myself up with pillows. She's pretty agreeable to that, thank goodness! I'm hoping we can get out to the park once I'm feeling a little better.

Today at work, Mr. Mustard got to watch Rascal Flatts rehearse for their performance on DWTS. I was so mad he didn't tell me they were performing, otherwise I would have totally gone to the show to see them! They are pretty much my favorite band- or at least one of them! Even in my state of constant back pain, I could have made it down to the studio to watch them perform!

The baby is moving a lot more than even a few weeks ago. I think the baby is now about 3 1/2 or 4 pounds, and can kick really hard, so I can feel movement much more easily. I love feeling those kicks- but I don't want to feel them so much that I start to wonder, "What's going on in there? Is everything okay?"

I have my next appointment and ultrasound next Thursday. I always get pretty nervous on ultrasound days- it's so good to see the baby, but it also gets me stressed out that something will be wrong...like the heart won't be beating. I think this will be my last ultrasound for awhile (til right before the birth), so I'm going to stay positive and go in and enjoy it.

We are so excited about this baby and already feel so bonded. I told Mr. Mustard last night that if this baby doesn't make it, he can reserve a spot for me in the loony bin because I can't bear leaving the hospital with empty arms again. We are so in love with this little one, and can't wait for the day when we hold this much anticipated, much loved child in our arms for the first time!

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